Welcome to Mothering Your Heart

If you're struggling after miscarriage, infertility, or the loss of your baby or child, you'll find support and community here.

A Labour of Love

This space has been created in honour of all the beloved and longed for children who are not in our arms.

We have so much love for these missing little ones, whether we knew them here on earth, in our dreams, or if we haven't yet managed to conceive them but we know them in our hearts.

Grief brings so much pain and confusion.

The right kind of support can make a difference, but it can be really hard to find.

The goal here is to help you shine some of the overflowing love in your heart back onto yourself, to feel encouraged to keep going, as you work so hard to figure out your 'what now' and 'how do I do this'.

You're invited to spend time with your heart, explore your unique ways of coping, learn some new tools, and have a place to lean into on the harder days.

You are welcome here, with everything you're dealing with and all that you've been through.

What Kind of Support?

You'll find free workshops throughout the year, resources for you and your loved ones, a supportive community, and relevant grief support.

Please click the links below to learn more, and visit the MYH About page if you'd like to read some of the story behind this space.

Mother's Day

Join this year's free Mother's Day online workshop, for simple, gentle, accessible-from-anywhere, no-pressure support.


Community Resources

Books, remembrance gifts and resources for you and your loved ones, from selected organizations and advocacy groups.


I created Mothering Your Heart to provide an extra layer of support as you navigate your grief and life after loss.
You can access the programs and workshops from anywhere, whether you've had to step away in the middle of your cousin's baby shower, or are at home in your pyjamas for the fifth day in a row.
I get it, we get it, we've been there, wondering how any of this could possibly be happening.
This grief (and love) is life altering.
It is important that you know there are many others here.
We each have our own unique stories and circumstances, but we understand how hard life can be after these kinds of losses.
Although it can so often feel like it, you are not alone.
If you'd like, click below to read more about the background and story behind Mothering Your Heart.
xo Shannon

About MYH

This space has been created in honour of all the beloved and longed for children who are not in our arms.

These missing little ones are so loved, whether they were held here on earth, or only in dreams.

The idea of Mothering Your Heart is to shine some of the overflowing love in your heart back onto yourself, to learn your own way of coping and, and to have a place to lean into on the harder days.

You are welcome here, and I hope you find some needed support after all that you've been through.

My name's Shannon, and Mothering Your Heart is my labour of love.

xo Shannon


Grief Can Feel Impossible

Compassion, support and community can help you navigate the harder days.


A space where you can be yourself, with everything you're going through. We really get how hard grief is.

Learn more about this space and the story behind Mothering Your Heart.



Your heart isn't meant to do this alone. You'll find an understanding, compassionate community here.

Both the workshops and programs include a community option.


"This was my first Mother's Day after my miscarriage and I didn't know how I was going to handle it. The workshop gave me something to focus on and I didn't feel as overwhelmed - thank you."

Mother's Day Workshop Feedback
May 2018

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