This space is for you and the grief you carry because your baby is not in your arms.

Mothering Your Heart provides compassionate support and community
for women who have experienced miscarriage, infertility, baby or child loss.

Know that whatever your circumstances and however you are feeling, you are welcome.

Bring your questions, your story, your love and grief - anything you want to share.

We know the strength it takes to get through your days with a broken heart.

~ Our next workshop begins October 28th - see 'Program' for details ~


There are lots of ideas and exercises to help. You can do it at your own pace and don't have to complete within the four weeks. The resources given are superb. ~Sept 2015 Workshop Participant


The grief of infertility and baby loss is so incredibly painful. It can be hard to understand what has happened, how you are going to make it through. The physical and emotional impact of grief is intense. Your grieving heart needs massive amounts of love and compassion, from others and for your own self.

Find out how to access the love
and compassionate support that you need.


After a loss like this, light can seem to disappear. You might find that everything feels different now, that life has lost its colour. If light has started to reappear in your life, things can seem too bright, too strange, and so unfair when your baby is not here to experience it with you.

Feel supported to explore all of this confusion:
grief, love, darkness and light.


It can be hard for others to understand how life changing infertility and baby loss really are. The Mothering Your Heart community provides space for understanding hearts to come together, a place where you can feel safe to speak your truth without having to pretend that everything is okay.

A space where we get that it is okay
for absolutely nothing to be okay.

Join us

Mothering Your Heart provides a nurturing space where it is okay to just be,
grieving, heartbroken, hopeful or all mixed up,
wherever it is that you find yourself.

Especially when you have no idea where to find yourself.

You did not choose to be here, but you are welcome just as you are.

Have a look around, sign up for the newsletter, find resources and inspiration,
read the blog, sign up for the workshop,
whatever feels best for your heart.

Reflect on how the love you have for your baby and the support of community
might help you through this incredibly difficult time.

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