Support For Your Heart

from the comfort of home


A Journey of Rest & Self-Care 

For support after miscarriage, infertility, childlessness, and baby or child loss, you're invited to join this new monthly workshop from Mothering Your Heart, beginning in 2022.

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The Ache of Empty Arms

Trying to get through your days with a broken heart.

The overwhelming longing.

Knowing that nothing will ever be the same.

You may feel pressure from friends and loved ones to 'move on' or return to the way you were before.

People mean well but often don't understand, making the pain worse.

You're invited to rest here, with support, space, and time for you to take care of your hurting heart.

I worked for years as a midwife, walking with and holding space for families as they went through many different experiences of loss.

I've gone through my own heartbreak as well, and know just how much support is needed in the aftermath and how hard it can be to find.

This workshop was created to offer a layer of comfort for you in your grief, whether your loss happened recently or years ago.

You'll be guided through a journey to increase your sense of support, comfort, calm and self care.

The workshop includes restorative yoga & guided meditation sessions, a self care planner and workbook, creative prompts for reflection, and resources around grief, love, self-compassion, and life after loss.

You're welcome to read below for more details.

I hope you find some comfort while you're here.

xo Shannon

You're not alone

You may at times feel lost, overwhelmed, or wonder how to keep going.

The people you used to turn to for help may not be showing up the way you need them to.

Though you know everyone else is going through a lot right now too, you still need their presence and understanding.

This workshop is designed to fill in some of the gaps of support you may be experiencing.

You'll find space to step away from the outside world, and create a sanctuary for yourself where you can rest and feel supported.

Comfort & Calm


This is a gently guided journey focused on connecting with your heart, getting out of your head, and finding moments of calm.

It's a space to take a break from the news feeds, the never ending comments, and the intense learning curve we've all been on.

To be coping with your loss in the midst of everything else that's happening in the world can be just too much.

We need peace these days, and places where peace is nurtured. Time to pause, to be quiet, to gather our thoughts, to rest our exhausted hearts and nervous systems.


The workshop centres around supported rest sessions which are based on calming restorative yoga and guided meditations.

It's been created to help you feel more grounded and balanced, and to give your tired mind, heart and body a break.

There is nothing you have to 'do' throughout, instead you're encouraged to 'do' less.

You'll find many different options to help you find comfort, ways to access more support, and space to rest and rebalance.

If you're interested, the workshop will be starting in 2022. You're welcome to join the waitlist to stay updated.

xo Shannon

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Why Supported Rest?

Restorative yoga, or supported rest, is a beautiful practice for grief and exhaustion.

The classes are simple and require no experience. Basically you rest, supported by whatever cushions, pillows, blankets or other supports you'd like to have around you. There are a few different practices, or forms, that you can rest in, which support you in different ways.

With support around you, your nervous system can begin to settle down. While you rest, you can choose to listen to meditations that I'll be guiding, or to turn off your sound if you prefer silence.

Feeling calmer, more grounded, having better sleep, and more energy or focus during the day are some of the effects you may experience.

Once you've felt that state of calm and balanced rest, you might find that your body, heart and mind all ask for more of it - it's so beneficial but can be hard to find, especially these days.

As the classes in this workshop are prerecorded, you can go through them comfortably in your own space.

You don't have to worry about talking to others, struggling with emotions during class, snoring, or being alert enough to drive or work afterwards.

The content is grief and trauma sensitive, and appropriate for the unique losses in our community.

Personally, my favourite part is that you can practice in your pyjamas, right on your own couch or bed, and if you want you can just drift off to sleep.

Sessions end with a quiet option to return to your day or evening, and then come to a close in silence so there is nothing to interrupt you if you do want to keep resting.

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Hi, I'm Shannon

If you're planning to go through the workshop we'll get to know each other more soon, but I wanted to say hello in case we haven't met and you're wondering who I am.

I live on Vancouver Island off the West Coast of Canada. I worked as a community midwife for many years in a busy hospital and home based practice, and in the development of rural health programs and policy.

I retired from midwifery when after experiencing multiple losses myself, my heart let me know that it was time to find a new path.

For the next while I focused on healing, learning about the unique grief of baby, child and fertility losses, and trained in restorative, trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation practices, compassionate grief support, and supporting people through change.

I've had a vision for this space of Mothering Your Heart since I began offering online workshops in 2014. This new workshop, with the inclusion of specially focused grief-supportive classes, feels like the vision has come full circle.

I'm so glad to finally be able to share the beautiful, calming restorative practices that have been such a balm for my heart.

However you've arrived here, you are welcome.

I'm glad to be in your presence, with all that you hold in your heart.

xo Shannon

Kind words

"I think that's the beauty of the workshop. It's effortless in a way. We are guided through the journey of self learning. I'm not sure I would have had the strength to do this alone."

~ Mother's Day Workshop May 2017

"The guide helped me to focus on making sure I was taking care of myself, even on the days when it felt too hard."

~ Self-Care Guide, 2019

"It was a beautiful private journey but I felt so held by Shannon and the community. I would feel so comfortable suggesting this to other mothers with broken hearts."

~ MYH Program Participant June 2016

Private Workshop Space

Everything is held in your own private workshop space, away from social media and potentially triggering posts and stories.

Supported Rest Sessions

The guided restorative yoga and meditation sessions will centre around that month's theme, along with the workshop content.

Support When You Need It

You can choose which parts of the monthly support packages work best for you, and revisit them as you need to for a full year.

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Workshop Themes

Each month we'll focus on a different topic related to grief, love and life after loss. Below are some themes that will be woven in throughout the workshop.

Finding Support that Feels Like Support

Creating Space for What You're Going Through

How Comfort Can Help After Loss

Figuring out What Your Needs are Now

Why Rest is so Important in Grief

Exploring Love and Self Compassion