Mothering Your Heart

~ About This Space ~


About Mothering Your Heart

Hello and Welcome


Hi I'm Shannon Norberg. I'm glad to meet you here and to know that you're taking this time for your heart.

This space you've found yourself in is the result of a whole lot of love and loss, and my hope to be able to offer a place to rest and find solace, for anyone who needs it.

I've worked with families of all kinds for over 25 years. I began my career as a doula way back in 1994, then worked as a midwife and in health policy and program development.

After retiring from my midwifery practice, my focus began to shift from my head to my heart.

I became a certified yoga instructor and spent the next few years learning about trauma-sensitive restorative yoga, pain management, guided meditation, compassionate grief support, and navigating change from the perspective of your true self, which often emerges after loss.

I hold a deep trust in your inner wisdom and its ability to help you navigate this living after loss, even when your heart has been shattered.

This site was created to provide a layer of support, calm and comfort. It is a labour of love that emerged years ago in honour of my own babies who are held always in my heart.

I hope you feel some of this love while you're here.

xo Shannon Norberg

What are you supposed to do with all this love in your heart?

Ways to Work Together

If you're interested in a self-guided experience you may want to join the Support For Your Heart workshop which will begin in 2022 (details on the home page).

If you'd like to try an introductory series of restorative yoga and guided meditation classes, you'll find details on the class page.

I'd be honoured to work with you, however you feel would be most helpful.

xo Shannon

You Can Get Through This


Whether you've experienced miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, TFMR, the death of your baby or child, loss due to infertility, childlessness after loss, or an adoption breakdown or heartbreak as a foster parent, the pain can be beyond words.

People who have not felt this kind of grief often don't understand its depth.

These losses are completely life changing events.

Although intensive support is so needed, I've sadly seen time and time again how hard it can be for families to access it.

I've witnessed what a difference the right kind of support can make, and I've felt it as well on my own journey through baby loss, infertility and adoption loss.

I hope the compassion and support that I'm sending out finds its way to you as you rest for a few moments. Know that you're welcome here just as you are.

You'll find space here to explore your love and grief for your longed-for little one or little ones (including those you dreamed about but never got to meet), while tending to your hurting heart.

In honour of your missing and dreamed-for beloved and the journey you've been on, I'm grateful you've found your way here and are taking this time for yourself.

A gentle, nurturing experience

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for your kindness and care. I'm so relieved to have found you."

~ Past workshop feedback

Send Me A Note

Please reach out to say hello, anytime.

If you're interested in hearing new supports, workshops and classes as they become available, or if you have any questions please send me a message here: