Self Care After Loss


Journal + Workshop

for Loss Awareness Month

Support for Your Heart

Take some time to care for your heart this month, with a few moments of simple self-care each day.

If you've experienced miscarriage, infertility, baby or child loss or childlessness after loss, whether recently or long ago, or love someone who has, you're welcome to join.

The workshop's intended to provide support through what can be a difficult time of year.

If you'd like to join, you can download the journal here:

Care for Your Heart

Five minutes a day of simple self care.

You'll receive a new prompt or question around self care each day. Feel free to try anything you're interested in and leave the rest.

You can take a minute to read the prompt and carry on with your day, or spend as much time as you'd like journaling, creating, or just taking care of yourself.

The printable journal lets you note what works for you and reflect on how you're doing, with support to consider what you need as you go.

Created for Loss Awareness month for support throughout the month and around the October 15th Wave of Light, it is a way to step back from the sometimes overwhelming energy online, and take time to nurture your own heart.

The journal and prompts can be gone through anytime, and more than once if you'd like. You can start or stop as you need to, moving at your own pace.

  • Daily notes of encouragement
  • Simple, impactful self-care
  • 30 day printable journal
  • Optional community support

If you're interested in joining please do, and know that there's no pressure to interact, do any writing or other exercises, or complete the workshop unless you feel like it.

You're welcome just as you are.

xo Shannon

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