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Restorative Classes

 Fall 2021
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Calm and Comfort


Join me for a new series of  restorative yoga and guided meditation classes this Fall.

These classes are simple, gentle, and require no experience or special equipment.

We'll meet for four weekly online sessions beginning the week of October 18th.

The classes are contemplative and quiet, without a lot of talking.

Over 60 minutes you'll be guided through a peaceful class, which some say feels like meditation but without the effort.

These are small group classes, with no pressure to do anything but rest.

If restorative yoga is new for you, these classes are different from movement-based yoga classes.

As you rest, comfortably supported, your nervous system, body, heart and mind are better able to settle, and you get a much needed break.

The result can be a feeling of calm, balance, and relief from exhaustion and anxiety.

You can turn off your sound and rest in quiet, or be guided through simple meditations.   

I'll provide you with a list of optional supports (pillows, blankets, socks etc) before our first class. You can see what works for you, and practice with as many or few supports as you like.

Grief takes so much more energy than we realize.

These classes offer a chance to deeply rest, and replenish yourself, on all levels.

They're held in the evening (for most time zones) to support your sleep, so you're welcome to practice in your pyjamas and fall asleep if you feel like it. 

If you have any questions please send me an email, and if you'd like to join us you can sign up below.

xo Shannon

shannon (at)

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One moment at a time,

your heart will guide you through.

Fall 2021 Sessions


Classes begin the week of October 18th, as a series of four weekly sessions on Monday evening or Thursday day, with two times to choose from on Monday - either 8pm EST or 7pm PST depending on your time zone, and 2pm PST on Thursday.

Each series includes four 60 minute classes, a private workshop space, a list of optional supports and supplies that you can gather, and tips on setting up your space. 

Classes are held online via Zoom, with the option of having your camera on or off. For the group's privacy, classes are not recorded. 


Benefits of Rest

Restorative yoga, or supported rest, is a beautiful practice for grief and exhaustion.

It can help with sleep, stress, and fatigue, and people often notice feeling calmer and more settled over time.

These classes are online, so you're able to get comfortable in your own space. In-person restorative classes can sometimes be a challenge, with the social interaction, worry about struggling with emotions during class, falling asleep, or being alert enough to drive or work afterwards.

The classes have been specially created for this community and the content is grief and trauma sensitive, and appropriate for people in many different circumstances.

Sessions end with a quiet option to return to your day or evening, and then come to a close in silence so there is nothing to interrupt you if you'd like to stay resting, or sleeping.

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My Background


I took my first yoga class back in 1996, in the middle of a stressful semester at university.

I can still remember how spacious it felt. It was the first time I had actually noticed myself breathing.

Different practices wove their way through the next few years. I found restorative yoga when I was working as a midwife with an erratic sleep schedule, and found that it helped me feel more rested during the day.

It wasn't until I was trying to process the aftermath of my own losses that it became something I was drawn to do regularly. I often felt like it was my main support, as I learned to basically surf through all the emotions.

Yoga brought a sense of light and gentleness that otherwise seemed unreachable, and in my gratitude I began to learn more about sharing it with others.

I offer choice-supportive, restorative practices that are informed by the fact that most of us here in this community have experienced loss and trauma. You are always at the centre of the practice, and are encouraged to do or not do whatever you need in order to be comfortable, including simply resting, listening with the sound on or off, and stepping away as you need to.

Restorative yoga is particularly suited for grief, as it is a physically and emotionally supportive practice that requires very little from you. 

It is such a gift to feel the peace that often arises during these classes. I hope that if you choose to join one of the groups you're able to experience it as well.

xo Shannon

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I look forward to meeting you.

Please send me a message if you have any questions.

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~ Shannon