For those who have recently joined, welcome to Mothering Your Heart.

This is exciting, a first blog post shared outside of the imaginary world of blogging-in-my-head, in celebration of the day the MYH website launched, or in other words became really-real.

I am so glad that we have found each other and I hope you will find a sense of connection and community here.

We are all here for so many different reasons.

You may be here because you have experienced infertility, your baby may have died at some time during pregnancy, birth or infancy, your child may have died later in childhood or young adulthood or you may have lost a baby or child due to an adoption breakdown.

My heart is with you as you love that child who is not in your arms.

You may not have lost a child yourself but you may be here because you love someone who has experienced a terrible loss and you want to support them.

You may be here because you would like to learn more about grief and baby loss or coping with the other heavy losses we all face at some point in our lives.

I would love to hear from you – what would you would like to talk about, are there resources you are looking for?

You are a part of a beautiful and incredibly powerful community – there are few forces as strong as the love a mother has for a child who is not in her arms. Even though not one of us would have chosen to be here, here we are, and we are not alone.

We will grieve our losses for the rest of our lives. For many, our love might turn into a light that shines the way for others and will impact the world in positive ways. There is however no right way to grieve, and most of us will experience incredible pain and depths of emotion on this difficult journey.

In truth, no heart should ever have to endure the pain of child loss.

And yet there is that love, that undeniable love, at the centre of it all, and most of us would never want to not-know the love we have for our babies.

May all of you find your light in your own time and in your own way.
May it shine brightly, lit by the love we have for those beloved babies who are not here with us on earth.

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