Words of Support

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I loved this workshop. It was a wonderful opportunity for reflection and mindfulness.

~ JL

The time that you spent just listening, and then asking questions no one else had asked me, was so helpful. I had never been able to tell my whole story to someone who could really hear it. Thank you for understanding and for giving me the space to remember, and really for hearing me, it has helped me begin to take care of myself again.
~ SB

I needed this. In 6 months since my son was born sleeping, I haven't taken time for me. To sit, to reflect, to just be with me and really figure out what my heart needed. This program helped me to do that, and really see that I need to take time for me and my grief, and that is OK and GOOD.

~ JB

It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

~ May 2016

Getting those messages of support made such a difference. Just that one positive thing to look forward to every day, thank you.

~ Sept 2014

It was a beautiful private journey but I felt so held by Shannon and the community. I would feel so comfortable suggesting other mothers with broken hearts do this work with Shannon.

~ May 2015

I could feel how much heart and soul Shannon poured into the material and the program development. I felt supported and I felt I could rest in the space she created.

~Sept 2015

This experience helped me get through my first Mother's Day as a bereaved parent. It was so beneficial to have the support around the day and ways to channel my grief. I look forward to more workshops like this.

~ May 2016

There are lots of ideas and exercises to help... you can do it at your own pace and don't have to complete within the four weeks... the resources given are superb.

~ Sept 2015

The program teaches self-care and various techniques and approaches to being 'gentle' with yourself and your heart. The world is a crazy place but the MYH community is a safe place to nurture your heart.

~ Sept 2015

Years after my first child was born, I became pregnant. However I lost the pregnancy toward the end of my first trimester. I had great support all around me but Shannon was my rock. She helped me give a voice to the grief I was feeling which surprised me even more than the pregnancy. I had never miscarried before and I had no idea how much it would hurt emotionally.

I felt I didn't earn the right to mourn because it was an early loss but the feelings of loss were undeniable. It was thanks to Shannon that I was able to express them and work through them. Her ability to balance factual information with the space to talk it all out was just what I needed. I'm forever grateful.​

~ June 2015

She showed me that reaching out and allowing myself to share my journey and my pain with another took a lot of strength that I didn't believe I had, and understanding that helped me to keep going. Shannon is a gifted listener, she really listens - I felt acknowledged and heard which helped me to know I was not alone.

~ Nov 2014

Shannon has an exceptionally caring and insightful nature. She is compassionate and professional, I felt safe and understood.

~ Jan 2015

She would ask questions that seemed so simple, but really got to the heart of what I realized I had not been thinking about for a long time. She helped me to connect with what I needed and how I could begin to take steps to get there.

~ May 2015

You were so calm but I knew you that you were present and available, that helped me to trust my process, to believe that I would be okay even when it was really hard.

~ Sept 2014

Thank you so much for providing this service, after reading some of what you sent I understood so much better what my daughter must have been going through. I think it helped me to be helpful even while I was feeling my own grief about losing my grand-daughter.

~ May 2015

I think that's the beauty of this workshop. It's effortless in that way. We are guided through the journey of self-learning. I'm not sure I would have had the strength to do this alone.

~ May 2016

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xo Shannon