Capture Your Grief 2015 Day 1: Sunrise

It can be the most bewildering experience after the loss of a loved one, that the earth continues to spin, that the sun continues to rise, that none of it stops, even for a moment, when it feels as though our own life has been irrevocably halted, thrown completely off its own rotation, forever out of sync with what came before.

I dedicate today, as the first day of this month of honour and remembrance, to the power and consistency of the light that returns to our lives each day, that simply holds its steady presence, through the massively dark waves, storms, clouds and chaos that descend after the loss of a child, a baby, a pregnancy, three million dreams.

This glowing ball of everything our precious earth depends on, returning every day no matter what struggles the previous days and nights have sent crashing through our shattered hearts, illuminating all that has been laid bare, so much love that we could no longer contain within our hearts-as-they-were-before-and-never-will-be-again, so much love that we are forever brought to our knees in its presence, daily-hourly-sometimes-minute-to-minute explosions of love, our shining, blinding, burning, never ending love.


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2 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. Thank you for your beautiful words. I’ll treasure them in my heart as I start my journey this October, trying to capture my grief.

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