Capture Your Grief Day 30 Reflection & Day 31 Sunset

The seasons of grief, the ebbs and flows, the waves, coming for us as tsunamis or in a little lapping at our toes, the patterns-not-patterns, the cycles of light and darkness, the labyrinth of our hearts, the sun and moon and stars.
I’m coming to realize, through a whole lot of reflection and sitting-with, that this season, from summer’s end through the holidays, is the season of my grief. October feels like such an appropriate time for this special month of awareness. It seems to be the pinnacle month for me in terms of the frequency of waves, of emotions and memories, and on a more physical level it is very much a month of transition here on the west coast of Canada, of harvesting and processing the light of summer, of getting down into the roots, of going within.
Here it is, the time of early sunsets, of long nights, here again, another turn around the sun, all of us searching for the safe warm places, settling in and being near our others, filling space with candlelight, and the darkness with our dreams.
I’ve been learning how to sit-with it all, the peace that is within and around, forever waiting for an invitation to appear, have been learning how to create that welcoming space, to create a place where peace and I can sit with it all together, share a moment, a few breaths, and lately when the stars align we might stay in this space for more than a moment, and we might find that we can find each other more easily, that the waves wash past more quickly, that the distance between them is a little more stretched out, that we can sometimes see them coming now, we have time to dive under and feel their strength all around us, a part of us.
Peace and I, we might find that we fight the waves a little less these days, especially when we face them together, that we are one with it all, that we are becoming perhaps a part of the precious sea.
I am so grateful for this community, for this Capture Your Grief project (thank you CarlyMarie for your insight and far reaching compassion), for all of your hearts – still beating after all you have been through, for light and for the love we all share for our beloved missing ones. xo
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