Support for Your Heart

A Monthly Program with Mothering Your Heart


Support for your heart, from the comfort of home

You're invited to join this new workshop from Mothering Your Heart, for an extra layer of support as you find your way through your grief, love and life after loss.

You'll have your own personal workshop space, guided meditations, workbooks, journal prompts, suggested activities, creative projects, and the option to connect with others if you like in a private community away from social media.

If you have experienced miscarriage, infertility related losses, or the loss of your baby or child you are welcome here.

  • You'll find a space where you can feel free to simply be, with everything you're going through. There is no need for forced smiles here, and no pressure to "move on".
  • This is a place to check in with how you're doing and to explore what might help you feel more supported as you navigate your life after loss.
  • The content focuses on simple self care, coping after loss and developing strategies that are personally most helpful to you.

These losses can be shockingly painful.

You may find that the intensity of this grief is the hardest thing you'll ever experience.

The people you usually turn to for help can have a hard time understanding what you're going through.

While this is 'normal' because many people don't know what to say if they haven't gone through anything similar, losing parts of your support system can make everything even more difficult.

You'll be guided to identify tools that work for you and ways of accessing new sources of support. 

Through each module you're encouraged to explore and collect new tools, and to carry them with you for the harder times.

We generally aren't taught how to do this kind of grieving, but feeling supported, heard and understood can make a difference in how you're able to cope and keep going. 


What Can I Expect?

  • A whole lot of encouragement to keep going in your own way

  • Support + guidance to create a foundation for your life after loss

  • Respect for your process, and the individual nature of grief

  • Connection within a private, online community (the community is held away from social media so you can have a break from your feeds)

  • Move at your own pace; take what you need, let go of the rest

  • Common reactions to and effects of child, baby and fertility losses, how they can impact you personally and how to support yourself

  • New coping strategies to help you find out what works for you

  • Inspiration and hope as you find your light again

What's Included?

  • Up to twelve months of support, for your heart, your mind, your relationships, and your day to day life as you cope with the outside world
  • A flexible course format lets you start and stop anytime
  • Your own private workshop space
  • Beautiful worksheets each week including reflective 'heart sheets', journal prompts, self care suggestions and activities
  • Guided recorded meditations that you can listen to anytime
  • Weekly resources and new coping strategies to explore
  • Connection with others in the private community

Optional Personal Support Sessions

  • Each month there are a few openings for personal support calls. These add a layer of support to your process, with resources selected for you based on what you're going through
  • For more details on booking a Get to Know You call, with or without the monthly program you can click here.

Grief is exhausting.

It's so hard, but you do know how to do this.

It takes time to learn what your heart needs to get through.

  • You may wonder how you're supposed to keep going when there is clearly no road map.
  • You may struggle with the pressure of all the subtle and not so subtle expectations, of having to function out there in the world when even taking a shower can sometimes feel like too much.
  • And then at the centre is your grief, your love, your broken heart, trying to figure out what to do now and how to keep going.

You'll find space here to be yourself, whether you're feeling sad, confused, devastated, or even hope and joy. 

This is a place to unravel your story as you figure out what's next, to simply be with your experience, your grief and your love.

It can be hard to figure out who you are now and what you need, but there's no pressure. You're encouraged to check in frequently with yourself and always go at your own pace.

What we cover may feel simple but it is powerful stuff.

You'll be supported to tune in to your heart in a way that can be hard to do in the outside world.

When you hear what your own wise self has to say, you'll discover a whole new level of love and support.

When it comes down to it, your heart can guide you through - but it's important to have time and space to do this listening.

As you walk and as you listen, know that there are many of us beside you, walking our individual paths.

That even though your grief + love are unique to your heart, that your beloved missing and wished-for are yours alone, there are others walking close by.

You're welcome here.



How Does it All Work?

  • This is a self guided program with the option of a private community space.
  • You can choose to sign up for the full program or check out one or two modules and see what it's like.
  • The full program includes up to 12 months of support and you can stop anytime you like.
  • The first modules include:
    • Create Space
    • Effects of Grief
    • Circles of Support
    • Tools for Your Heart
  • Each module includes time to rest and process what we've covered.
  • All you need is your phone or computer and a small amount of time throughout your week.
  • Pens, journals and art supplies are all welcome if you like to write or create, but these aren't required.

What Will We Cover?

Throughout each module you'll find support and encouragement, self care suggestions, resources around grief and loss (and love, always love), with the option of community. Click to expand the four parts below to see the monthly topics.

Create Your Foundation

Throughout this section you'll be guided to create a foundation (based on the idea of surrounding yourself with comfort and support) on which to move forward in your journey.

This is not the same as suggesting you move on (which is not a reasonable expectation with these kinds of losses) rather it is being supported as you go through this very intense experience, with love and encouragement to keep going.


For this first topic, you'll be supported to create space in your life for this journey you're on.

Spend time putting foundational pieces into place so that you can feel more supported both in your heart and your day to day life.


The effects of these losses on your body, heart and mind are significant and often overlooked.

In this module you'll explore some of the physical and emotional effects of grief and loss.

You're invited to assess your basic (and not so basic) self care needs. Whether this is an area that has fallen to the side in your grief, or you just want to check in and get more supports in place, you may be surprised at how this can affect your ability to cope and keep going over the longer term.


Here you're invited to look at your existing circles of support, with exercises to identify who and what you already have in place and whether more is needed.

Your support systems and ways of coping are unique to you, but it can be hard to know what helps when you're in the midst of the struggle.

You'll be encouraged to explore options to expand your circles of support and to consider what optimal support looks like for you.

In preparation for this month you'll also receive your invitation to join the private (and always totally optional) community space, if you'd like to try it out as one of your supports.

This is a Love Story

In the end this is a love story, but there is also a whole lot of pain, sadness, grief and tragedy to sort through.


You're invited to create a collection of tools that have helped you personally, so you have the ideas easily available on the harder days.

You can add to your collection through the program as you identify more, or consider new coping strategies and heart-tools that you'd like to try.


This month you're invited to consider the ideas of grief as a reflection of love, and grief being the result of love with nowhere to go or 'be'.

Expanding on your love story you'll have space to explore those aspects of your story that provide comfort and connection and whether there are parts you would like to focus on and carry with you over time.


Grief this deep often alters your perception in different ways. Within the confusion, pain, reorganization and basically just looking at the wreckage around you in the early months, there can also be a sense of clarity that you didn't notice before.

In this module you're invited to focus in on some of these small, clear details, patterns and ways of being in the world, and how they might appear in nature.

Laying down your grief in small ways while allowing nature to 'do the work' can support moments of peace and calm.


Honour and Remember

This experience, your love and your grief will be with you for the rest of your life. It will all change over time, but the impact remains - what has happened is now a part of you.


There are so many 'big' days throughout the year, and their effects on your heart, mind and body can be significant. Along with the anticipation, these days can really derail how you feel you're doing.

You'll look at ways to prepare for and cope with these special days, and create a plan for getting through them.


In the aftermath of your loss, and with the great desire to mother or parent your child, it can be hard to think of your own needs and to see what you've gone through, or why you would want to honour this in any way.

It is important to know that what you have gone through matters deeply, with validation and acknowledgement needed from both the outside world and within your own heart.

You'll be invited this month to explore ways of remembering your beloved and/or longed-for / dreamed-about missing one(s), to reflect what's most important to you.

You'll also be invited to create events, routines, ceremonies, or simply day to day acts of remembering - whatever speaks most deeply to and from your heart.

Remembering after a traumatic loss can require professional support through trauma informed therapy.

This module does not involve that type of remembering - it is instead an opportunity for you to examine the love within your story, and to bring some of that love into your life in tangible ways that support your heart as you keep going.


Grief can feel quite relentless and it is common to wonder how you can keep going with the weight of it.

In this module you'll explore adding to your heart-tools for the journey ahead, feeling more supported in and familiar with your grief and your ability to keep going. 

Mothering Your Heart

In these modules you'll explore the 'lighter' aspects on the spectrum of grief and loss, and how your experience may shift over time, with a focus on setting practices in place for the next part of your journey.


This is a month devoted to exploring the moments of peace and light that can be accessed in grief.

You're invited to explore this lightness in different ways, noticing it, being present when you can, and considering ways to expand any feelings of calm or peace that you experience.


In this module you'll have the opportunity to explore the concept of integrating loss over time, rather than trying to move on or fight against your truth, as we are often pressured to do.

There is no timeline for your experience with grief (or love), and as with any of the material here you're invited to take what is relevant and leave the rest, always keeping in mind the chance to add to your collection of heart-tools.


In our special closing module you'll be supported to gently bless what you've been through over our time together and to envision an outline of the path that will guide you onto the next part of your journey.

You'll close your process here with a guided mini retreat, with the option to create a day or an actual retreat that is as simple or as elaborate as your heart desires.

Tour the Workshop Space

(a little look at what to expect)



~ Social media can be tough after loss. The private community space lets you take a break from your regular feeds + platforms.

~ This space is a place to hang out, be heard or just know others are around.

~ It is also totally optional, because sometimes you need to do this heart-work on your own.

~ The community is introduced at the end of the third module, once you've had a chance to get oriented and have supports in place.

~ This space is separate from the program content so there's never any pressure to join in or read the discussions.

~ There are different group options and you'll be invited to join the group that feels like the best fit for you.

~ Community options include Infertility Losses, Early Pregnancy Loss, Loss in Later Pregnancy, In Labour or After Birth, and Infant, Child or Older Child / Adult Child Loss.

~ Group availability may change over time, depending on who is taking the program.

~ There are also community options for those who do or do not have living children. 

On behalf of your heart, thank you for being here.

xo Shannon

"I could feel how much heart and soul Shannon poured into the material and the program development. I felt supported and I felt I could rest in the space she created."

Program Feedback
November 2016

"It was a beautiful private journey but I felt so held by Shannon and the community. I would feel so comfortable suggesting this for other mothers with broken hearts."

Program Feedback
June 2015

"I think that's the beauty of this workshop. It's effortless in a way. We are guided through the journey of self-learning. I'm not sure I would have had the strength to do this alone."

Mother's Day Workshop Feedback
May 2017

"The workshop was a calm space and it helped me feel more grounded when I had to go back to work. I've had a lot of anxiety but I've been able to go out more and start to do things again, and know what to do when I'm getting overwhelmed."

Holiday Support Workshop Feedback
December 2017

If you'd like to sign up

  • First, you're invited to pause. This program is meant to support you and to provide a place to rest. Take a moment to acknowledge all that you have been through and the reasons you are here.
  • You can start today, or whenever you're ready.
  • You'll receive your welcome message by email right away, with instructions on how to access your private workspace and an orientation to the program.
  • With each module you'll receive new material every week for three weeks, followed by a week's break before the next module begins.
  • You can go through at your own pace and download your workbook if you prefer to work offline at a later time.  
  • The program runs for up to a full year but has been set up so that you can stop anytime (each of the 12 monthly topics is a complete module on its own). There is never any pressure and it is easy to cancel.
  • The community space opens up in the third module, once you've had time to get comfortable with the program and have had a chance to clear some time for your own heart.
  • As a program member you'll receive all the new Mothering Your Heart resources such as the seasonal workshops as soon as they're released.
  • You can send a message with any questions, anytime: [email protected]
  • Click below for frequently asked questions, additional program details and the cancellation policy.


Hi I'm Shannon

I'm honoured to meet you here, and to host and facilitate this program.

I acknowledge the love and the pain that have brought you here and hope this space can provide some comfort.

If you'd like to learn more about the training and background that I bring to our work together please visit the About page, or send me a note anytime: [email protected]

I look forward to sharing part of your journey and hearing more of your story if you join the program. Please let me know if there is anything you're wondering about or would like to see included.

xo Shannon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This program provides a private and supportive space for people who have gone through different losses, including miscarriage, infertility, stillbirth, the death of a baby in labour or as a newborn, as well as child and older child (through adulthood) related deaths or losses such as adoption breakdown.
  • Each of us arrives here due to different circumstances, with our own unique story. The community respects diversity.
  • Compassion, empathy and respect is encouraged.
  • The content may not be for everyone, so please read through these FAQs and see how you feel.
  • The community space is meant to be inclusive of many types of loss, with members who have experienced different types of losses.
  • The smaller groups are held within the main, private community space.
  • If you are unsure of whether this program is right for you please contact me at [email protected]
  • If what you've read so far resonates with your personal experience, you are welcome to join, if not just ask.
  • The program aims to create a space that is safe and comfortable for people in many different situations, including those who cannot conceive, so we ask that above all everyone be sensitive to the experiences of others.
  • If you choose to join in to the community, know that the groups are moderated to maintain a respectful space.
  • You'll have access to a community group that has been created for people who have gone through similar losses.
  • There will always be a wide variety of circumstances so we ask that members follow certain guidelines to support a sense of respect and safety in each group.
  • You can choose to join a group with others who do or do not have living children, or who have not been pregnant if you are dealing with infertility related losses.
  • As these programs do not provide a substitute for medical, obstetric or midwifery care, therapy, counselling or other mental health services, you should consider waiting to join until at least 8 weeks have passed and/or until you are medically and emotionally stable.
  • Joining earlier is possible and ultimately you are the one who will decide whether you would like to join, but joining too soon may be more difficult if you are still recovering physically.
  • You can easily cancel anytime and for any reason, through your member account site. 
  • If you have any questions, please ask.
  • Many women join months and years, even decades after their losses happened. Grief has no fixed timeline, nor does love.
  • Please know you are welcome regardless of when your loss(es) occurred.
  • Absolutely. One of the goals of Mothering Your Heart is to support you in finding out what works for you.
  • Once you sign up you will find the link to join your program, and in the third module you'll be able to access the private community site.
  • You're free to participate in the discussions and read or not read as many of the posts from others as you like.
  • There is no pressure at any time to participate, and the communities are open only to program members.
  • If at any time you have questions please let me know, and know too that you can engage at your own pace and can change your preferences as you go.
  • People can grieve the death or absence of their babies and children deeply at any age or stage of development, including before conception.
  • Your loss is significant to you and that is what matters, just as each of us here have experienced losses that are significant to our own hearts.
  • MYH encourages members to not judge another's grief experience, regardless of how similar or different their experience is to or from your own.
  • The discussion forum is carefully moderated to support members in feeling respected.
  • The guidelines for the community groups reflect the values of Mothering Your Heart, to support and acknowledge that everyone grieves differently and that every loss, every child, every baby, every hope and dream matters.
  • Intense grief and emotional distress including depression, anxiety and traumatic stress is common after infertility and pregnancy, baby or child loss, with additional support often needed.
  • If you are working with a physician, midwife or mental health care worker (therapist, counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist), please let them know you are considering taking this program.
  • They (or you) are welcome to contact Mothering Your Heart as needed for more information about the suitability of this program, although it is in essence very similar to an informal support group or online support forum, with no therapy involved.
  • This program, as mentioned, does not provide counselling, psychotherapy, therapy, midwifery or medical care.
  • You will be focusing on ways to nurture yourself, explore your understanding of grief and loss, and interacting within a moderated group discussion space with other online community members if you choose to participate.
  • If you do not feel emotionally, mentally or physically stable you should discuss this with your health care provider or access professional help before signing up.
  • If you're in a crisis and need immediate help, please either tell a loved one, go to your local hospital emergency room, see a local health care provider or call 911 or your local emergency service, depending what is available in your area.
  • If none of these are in your community, look up “crisis line” or “suicide hotline” and call, or have a loved one call for you.
  • Because this is an international site we're unable to keep an up to date list of numbers in all areas.
  • Grief and trauma can be VERY hard to cope with but there are people who want to help and who can walk with you until you begin to feel that you can manage.
  • Please call someone right away if you feel that you can't cope any longer.
  • Because this website and associated services including email are not monitored 24/7 we cannot provide crisis intervention.
  • If you've signed up for monthly payments you can easily cancel your payment at any time from within your account with no penalty.
  • There are generally no refunds for monthly payments that have already been processed once the content for the month has been released, but please contact me if you have an exceptional circumstance.
  • If you purchase the annual plan please email me if you wish to cancel.
  • Refunds will be issued quickly with no questions asked, on a pro-rated basis depending on the number of months remaining, minus an administration fee of $20.
  • You can change your billing information and other account details in your personal account site.
  • Questions about payments, cancellations or refunds can be sent to [email protected]

I had to include this question because I admit there is a lot of pink happening here and that not everyone appreciates it. The program modules move through a number of different colours so I hope no one colour gets too tiring for anyone - and I know this is kind of a silly question but I actually asked it myself as I was creating the content, so thought others might be curious too... xo

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