Welcome to Mothering Your Heart. Support after miscarriage, infertility, baby and child loss.
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Support for Your Heart

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Grief is exhausting. An grieving person leaning on a wall for support.

Moments of Peace

It is so hard to feel at ease when your heart is hurting. The world makes no sense, you don't know how you'll feel from one minute to the next, and everything is a reminder of your empty arms.

The new private, online Mothering Your Heart program can help you access moments of calm and comfort, tune in to your own wisdom as you explore your next steps, and begin to feel more supported in your grief, your love and your life after loss, and everything that is going on for you and in the world right now.

Whether you've experienced miscarriage, infertility related losses, or the loss of your baby or child, I hope you'll find the content helpful and gently encouraging, and that you'll find moments of peace here over the next little while. 

Time for Your Heart

You'll receive a collection of tools to help you find moments of peace and calm within your grief, love, life after loss, and everything that you're going through right now.

The program provides space for you to rest and regroup, as well as encouragement to find space in your own life for the important heart-work that you're doing.

Your private workshop space is held away from social media, so you can take a break from your news feeds.

Every month you'll find a new support package here (with a few surprises in between). You can go through at your own pace, and revisit any areas that you find helpful.

Your support packages include guided calming meditations, reflective prompts and worksheets, self care suggestions, and selected resources for that week's theme.

You'll find space to be yourself, however you are doing in that moment and with everything you're going through.

The content is designed to provide some rest and respite, while being gentle and realistic.

If this feels like it might be helpful for you, you're invited to sign up below.

xo Shannon

Support to Explore

What you're going through is possibly unlike anything you've ever experienced.

You may find that you're having a hard time with the intensity of your emotions and grief's physical effects.

The people you usually turn to for help may not really understand what you're going through.

Though you know they are also going through a lot right now, losing important parts of your support system can make coping after your loss so much harder.

Having space to process and learn about what you're experiencing, with clear information and compassionate support, can help things feel a little less overwhelming. 

Pink and peach peonies for encouragement after a loss.
Grief is exhausting. An grieving person leaning on a wall for support.

What will we cover?

You'll find the monthly themes below, offering support for your grief, love and life after loss.
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You'll begin with the invitation to create a little more room in your life, then to settle into and rest deeply in the space you've created.

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What does comfort look like for you now? You'll be guided to surround yourself with things that soothe and comfort you, noticing the impact this can have.

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Calming your body, heart and mind is not easy in grief, but it can make a big difference in how you're able to cope and keep going.

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Your support system is so important, but it often changes after loss. Explore the kind of support you need now, and how to increase the quality of support you receive.

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Being well cared for makes such a difference in your ability to keep going. You'll identify the kind of care that actually works for you, and how to make sure you have enough of it.

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The sense of being truly understood has such an impact on your grief journey. Explore ways of bringing more love, compassion and kindness in to your experience, and into your heart.

Past Comments

"I think that's the beauty of the workshop. It's effortless in a way. We are guided through the journey of self learning. I'm not sure I would have had the strength to do this alone."

~ Mother's Day Workshop May 2017


"It was a beautiful private journey but I felt so held by Shannon and the community. I would feel so comfortable suggesting this to other mothers with broken hearts."

~ MYH Program June 2015


"The workshop was such a calm space, it helped me feel more grounded when I had to go back to work."

~ Self Care Workshop Sept 2019


"I could feel how much heart and soul Shannon poured into the material and the program development. I felt supported and I felt I could rest in the space she created."

~ MYH Program Nov 2016 

Frequently Asked Questions

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