Light in the Storm

Sending light out into your storms of grief, in honour of pregnancy-after-loss awareness month, and all of you beautifully brave women who weather the emotions that come with pregnancy-after-loss, when you know far too intimately what can go wrong.

May you find support in those around you as you tread the eggshells of grief and fear that accompany this mixed up time, along with so much tentative joy, hope and anticipation.

May your baby-in-your-heart’s name be spoken along with their living sibling(s)’s name.

May you trust deeply that you will be able to figure out how to parent both your earth-child(ren) and your heart-child(ren) and that you will always have enough love for all – especially yourself.

For those of you trying to conceive after loss, may you feel the unconditional love and support of those around you as you face each new day, every doubt and every moment of hope.

May your dreams come true, truer than true, but through whatever may be, may your hearts be held in love.

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