For Fathers and Partners after Infertility, Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Baby or Child Loss

If you and your loved one have experienced infertility or baby loss please know that you are not alone and that there are many supportive organizations and individuals working to improve awareness of these devastating events and support for those who are struggling.

This site provides an extensive collection of resources both for you and your partner (you can also have a look at the main Resources collection) as well as for your support people, with many items that you may wish to share, to help others better understand what you are going through.

There is also a page for Grandparents, Family Members and Friends which focuses on supports for your extended circle and provides them with information they can use to help support you.

You will find that many of the resources here are also included in the women and families collections but a number are specific to what you may be going through as a partner and/or father.

The following resources can be read in any order - if your loss is recent and you are struggling with what to do next, you may wish to read through them beginning with the first post "Rules at Impact" which addresses immediate self care needs, and continuing from there.  

If you have questions or suggestions for articles or other resources please email me at [email protected]

xo Shannon

Receiving Support

If your loss is recent, please read this first: 

Megan Devine: Rules at Impact - How to Survive Early Grief


Stillbirth and Infant Death

Providing Support 

Grief and Life after Loss

Personal Stories

Short Films, Video and Audio

Father's Day Articles

Gift Ideas

Recommended Books

Online Support Programs

The Mothering Your Heart online support programs offer ongoing grief support for anyone who has experienced infertility, baby or loss in an accessible monthly workshop format. Join anytime and stay for as long as you need.