Mother's Day Workshop + Community

If you have experienced infertility, miscarriage or the loss of your baby or child, Mother's Day can be one of the most difficult times of the year.

This workshop provides a compassionate space to spend time with your heart and to just be yourself, with everything you are going through right now.



Please join us for this free online workshop offering support and community as you move through your week.


Notes for Your Heart Receive daily messages of support, encouragement and simple self care suggestions 

Moments of Calm You will be supported to create room to breathe and focus as you move through your days

Connect with Others People will be joining in from all over the world - you do not have to go through this alone

New Community Group The site for this year's workshop will be held in the new Mothering Your Heart FB group space

Workshop Guide Receive a printable workbook with daily worksheets and prompts to help guide your experience


Support for Mother's Day

Join us for Mother's Day in the community space where there will be lots of support, encouragement and resources to help get through the day.

At Your Own Pace

Choose to join in on the community discussions or work through the material privately, whatever you prefer, it is intended to be a supportive experience either way.

Check In With Your Heart

Spend time with your heart, check in with how you are doing with beautiful daily worksheets, explore what your needs are and how you might want to prepare for the weekend.

Ongoing Support Options

The 2018 Mother's Day Workshop has ended - for ongoing support click here to learn about our online programs or sign up for our newsletter below to hear when our next workshop becomes available.

With love and wishes for peace for your heart,

xo Shannon



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