This space is for you and the grief that you carry because your baby is not in your arms

If you have experienced miscarriage, infertility, baby or child loss you will find support and community here

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What is Mothering Your Heart?

Accessible grief support and resources for life after loss.


Mothering Your Heart offers online monthly programs for anyone who has experienced loss and grief due to infertility, miscarriage, loss in early pregnancy, baby or child loss.

If you have found your way here you likely know too well how life changing and devastatingly painful these experiences can be.

It may be hard to understand what has happened and to imagine how you will keep going, especially in the early months of grief.

While there is no guidebook for how to carry on when your heart is hurting like this, our programs have been created to offer compassionate support and community as you begin to find your way.



It can be hard to navigate all the resources that are out there when you are grieving. 

Click below for an overview of the organizations, websites, articles, books, films and other resources that are referred to most often in the MYH programs for the clear and compassionate support they provide.

You will find collections created for women, partners and fathers, as well as for grandparents, family members, friends and loved ones if you would like to share with your support people.

These resource lists are a work in progress and are always being added to, with recommendations welcome anytime.


Hi I'm Shannon Norberg. Mothering Your Heart is my labour of love, created after years as a midwife helping families through baby loss, miscarriage and infertility.
I invite you to visit the About Page to read how MYH came to be, or to learn about the Support Programs and Resource Collections offered here. I would love to hear from you - say hello at: [email protected]
I am glad you have found your way here, although I wish that our meeting could have happened under different circumstances.

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