A little bit on how Mothering Your Heart came to be.


Support is So Essential

When you're pregnant, have a new baby, a growing child, or are in the process of trying to create your family, you're usually surrounded by advice and information, 24/7.
Really, you can't get away from it, it shows up everywhere - all the time.
It seems like everyone has an opinion - that couple in the prenatal class, your yoga instructor, the acupuncturist your friend told you about, your book club, your doctor, your specialist, your partner's mom.
People share, they offer support, they want to help.
While this can sometimes be a pain, it is also reassuring. At least you can be sure that with all of these helpers, you're in good company and that there is kind of, sort of, a script to follow.
So why, when the tragedy of infertility, baby loss or child loss happens, does the world suddenly become silent?
What are you supposed to do, when you are suffering so deeply and no one wants to talk about it?
I worked as a midwife for years and saw the same thing over and over when families experienced a loss.
There would be so much support, advice, information sharing and just 'stuff' to talk about when everything was going well, but when the unimaginable happened, these lifelines disappeared.
Families would be left to deal with the devastation all by themselves, especially after the first few weeks.
I felt this absence deeply as well with my own losses; in pregnancy, through years of IVF, and finally an adoption breakdown. It was really hard to find the support I knew I needed. It shouldn't be this way.
After years spent listening to families and doing my own healing and learning about grief and loss, I created Mothering Your Heart to help fill the gaps, to help hurting families access support.

On this site you'll find accessible online workshops and a monthly support program that you can go through from home or anywhere you find yourself.

There is also a collection of resources to help you connect with other advocacy and support organizations.

At the heart of all this is the Mothering Your Heart community. Each of us has gone through our own heartbreak and is coping in our own way. Together we shine a powerful light and can help each other through the darker times.

Our focus on kindness and compassion lets you know, though your experience is unique, you are not alone.

Support, resources, and community can help you cope as you figure out how and when to take your next steps.

Thank you for taking this time for yourself.

If you'd like to learn more, please visit the Mothering Your Heart After Loss program page.


Welcome to Mothering Your Heart

This space is the result of great love, great loss and the desire to help fill the gaps in support that exist after these devastating losses.

I'm Shannon Norberg, and I'm glad to meet you here although I always say I wish we were meeting under different circumstances.

I've worked with women and families for over 25 years, first as a doula and then as a midwife and health policy director. Mothering Your Heart is my labour of love, created to provide a layer of support for grieving families.

I've had the honour of working with hundreds of families as they realized their hopes and dreams, and have walked with them through the deepest heartbreak and sorrow. 

Through midwifery I was introduced to that place between worlds where little souls come from the great beyond, usually staying for a good long time but sometimes – as you know too well if you've found this site – they aren’t able to join their parents here on earth or they leave far too soon.

Baby loss, child loss and infertility are completely life changing events.

Sadly I've seen time and time again how hard it can be for families to find appropriate support.

I've blended my experience as a midwife with certification through the MISS Foundation as a Compassionate Bereavement Care Provider, training with the Creative Grief Studio, and as a trauma informed yoga and meditation instructor to help families after their losses.

I've seen - and felt - what a difference adequate support and an understanding community can make.

You'll find space here to explore your love and the grief you're experiencing for your longed-for little ones (whether or not you ever got to meet here on earth) while tending to your own hurting heart.

In honour of your missing beloved and the journey you've been through, this space is for you and you're welcome here just as you are.

Please contact me anytime, you'll find my email address below.

xo Shannon

Send me a message anytime, I would love to hear from you.

Please use this form to send in any questions or comments you have, or you can email me directly at [email protected]


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