A Labour of Love

Mothering Your Heart was created to improve access to compassionate grief support for families struggling after infertility, baby and child loss.

My name is Shannon Norberg and I am honoured to meet you here. This space is the result of great love, great loss and a wish to offer an opportunity for other hurting hearts to explore the grief, the pain, the love and everything in between that happens when we go through these devastating experiences.

I have worked with people on their journeys to create a family for over half my life. The first birth I attended as a doula was that of a sweet, long-lashed boy who somehow turns 24 this year.

This little baby's birth led me to begin my career as a midwife back in 2003. Through midwifery I was introduced to that place between worlds where little souls come from the great beyond, usually staying for a good long time but sometimes – as you likely know too well if you have found this site – they aren’t able to join their parents here on earth or they leave far too soon.

Baby loss, child loss and infertility are completely life changing events. Sadly I have seen time and time again how hard it can be for families in these circumstances to find appropriate support.

I have blended my midwifery training with certification by the MISS Foundation as a Compassionate Bereavement Care Provider and training with the wonderful Creative Grief Studio to create the Mothering Your Heart programs, which focus on healthy grief and the importance of both individual and community-based support after loss.

You will find a space here to explore your love and grief for your missing child(ren), whether or not you ever got to meet here on earth, while at the same time tending to your own broken heart.

In honour of all the babies not in our arms, and the acknowledgment that we did not expect our lives to lead us here (and yet here we are),

Welcome to Mothering Your Heart

The Sparks that Started It All

If you would like a little more personal background please read on, or visit the menu above to continue exploring the site.

My own journey began after I lost my two precious babies in pregnancy, my first due to a miscarriage and a year later due to an ectopic pregnancy. I forever hold in my heart the sweet what-ifs, knowing that in another life they would have turned 14 and 15 this year. I still miss them every day.

These heartbreaks were followed by years of infertility treatments and a long awaited adoption of three beautiful girls.

My husband and I were over the moon to finally become parents after over a decade of trying to create our family, but our adoption fell apart shortly before it was finalized. This devastating loss ended our last attempt at parenthood and nearly a year of being called by that blissful word “mommy”.

I could never have imagined the intensity of the grief that followed.

If you have read this far you likely know it well.

In my work as a midwife I have seen over and over again how hard it can be for people to find adequate support after a loss. After witnessing this challenge both personally and professionally I decided to focus my efforts on creating supports that are practical, compassionate, respectful and accessible from anywhere.

I have learned that when we are surrounded by love and community, we can do the deep work of opening our heart and holding our experience with compassion.  

Grieving is a process with no set timeline and it can be painful and frightening, but eventually we may come to realize that the intensity of our grief mirrors the intensity of our love, and that we can in fact keep going.

It has taken me many years to find a peace with this idea, and although it doesn't erase the pain, it does help me to hold it all with a little more balance.

You have a universe of wisdom inside your own heart, just waiting to share with you all that you already know.

As you become able to open to it, it can show you what you need, how to keep going, how to keep breathing, how to honour your process and remember what matters.

The love that pours out of your heart for your own beloved and dreamed-for children is the very same love that will guide your way.


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