Support in Grief 1

Support in Early Grief: Nutrients Part 1. Grief affects your entire being – your body, mind and heart. Its effects can be surprising and unpredictable and often change with time – throughout the course of a day or an hour. The initial physical and emotional effects of a sudden loss on the body can be a blessing, because you may not feel very much of the acuteness and are essentially numbed – your body creates a protective buffer to shield you from the initial shock, you may feel as though you are floating in a confused nothingness but you know that outside of your bubble, something terrible has happened.

As the buffer wears off, the pain can feel unbearable – emotionally and mentally but also physically – you may find yourself with an increased sensitivity to physical pain, or have pain where you never had pain before.

Grief can slow your thinking, your metabolism, your reflexes, your appetite, and it can affect your immune system – making illness more likely and more difficult to recover from.

Love & support can and should come in many different forms, but one of the most important in early grief is to help get nutrition into that hurt, grieving heart-body.

Continued in Part 2…

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