Buds! It is so surprising that spring is starting to happen on this pacific coast.

Winter can be such a challenge when you are grieving, a forced turning inward, getting cozy with the darkness, seeking warmth and hope in every spark of light.

It is the season I feel closest to my loved ones who are not with me and especially to my babies. Winter is when they were with me, winter is when we said goodbye, at least in the physical realm.

The green of spring and the shifting light bring energy and a moving outward, and it can be hard to let go of that season of closeness, even with its sometimes dark days.

Another spin around the sun away from the time that they existed, a spin towards the unknown, yet spinning also into warmth and life and the freeing feeling of sun on skin and hands in soil, of seeds full of astounding potential.

Is there a season that you most associate with your baby loves and your baby dreams?

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