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Capture Your Grief Day 14 Express Your Heart

Well that was a flu.  I had notions of catching up with all the missed days of the Capture Your Grief project but that is not going to happen.  There is no other group of people I can imagine who would better understand how some days you just have to drop everything.  Grief, illness, loss, love, life turning itself upside down.

How it all flows whether we want it to or not.

Running this way and that way, crashing in, out and around us, all we can do is adapt, and eventually, hopefully, blessedly find others who understand.

I wonder how you are all doing at this mid-way point through what is such a difficult, heart-filling and heart-breaking month for so many.  I send love to you all for tomorrow, and for already today in parts of the world as you remember, as we remember, as the world remembers – so many babies, so many children, so many loved and missed ones.

I send light and visions of so many beautiful baby beings, just there, right there on the other side of the veil, wrapping all of their loved ones in pure clear love, reflecting all the love that they themselves are wrapped in, all of the love that exists in each of our hearts.

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