Silver Linings

Spring is here.

I have missed posting the last few days.

I woke from a flurry of dreams way too early last week and realized that sleep was not happening so decided to find the sunrise. I saw that the sun was rising in a new part of the sky and that yes the seasons were indeed shifting.

Vivid dreaming became the new normal in my life-after-loss – I have learned so much about how the mind processes love & grief but there is very little on the mysteries of our dream worlds.

Sunrises and early morning meditation may be seen to work to create a silver lining (though no, I don’t believe in these kinds of linings, silver or otherwise, when it comes to baby loss), and truthfully I don’t always think I want the dreams to leave because they feel so real, and they bring me back to a time in my life before grief moved in.

Do any of you dream of your babies, maybe even your ‘before’?

I sometimes think I would like to start a griefy dream club, check your reality at the door…

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