From one hurting heart to another, you are not alone.
If you are struggling with grief and sadness after infertility, adoption breakdown, miscarriage, baby loss or child loss,
Mothering Your Heart provides Compassionate Grief Support


We have the deepest love for these children who are not with us, it takes our breath away. We could actually sit and talk about this love all day. Feel supported to connect with your child and the dreams you had for your future in a space where you are free to be with both your grief and your love.


The love that accompanies grief can provide light for your journey, when given space and compassion. You may have found that your losses have opened something up inside that you never knew before. Explore your own experience with grief and love, while you learn to navigate this unfamiliar world of life-after-loss.


Mothering Your Heart offers a circle of support and empathy. This is a space where you can reach out or retreat, whatever you need. It is inclusive, warm and compassionate. Our hearts are not designed to carry these sacred losses alone.

What is Mothering Your Heart?

Mothering Your Heart offers online workshops and community as well as individual grief support, for women who have experienced miscarriage, infertility and baby loss.

It provides space to explore what it means to mother a child who is not in our arms and the dreams we had for our children from a very different place than we had planned, while mothering our own hearts as well.

Whether your loss happened recently or many years ago, Mothering Your Heart supports you to create a foundation of love and compassion for your grieving heart. You do not have to do this alone.

I’m Shannon Norberg

I have worked with families on their journeys to parenthood for half my life. The first baby I witnessed being born was a sweet, long-lashed boy (he somehow shockingly turns 22 this year) birthed by my closest friend who graciously allowed me to accompany her through his birth and in so doing introduced me to the most magical career I could have imagined.

I became a midwife in 2003, working in that place between worlds where little souls come from the great beyond, usually staying for a good long time but sometimes – as you may know too well if you have found this site – they aren’t able to join their parents here on earth or they leave far too soon. Baby loss and infertility are devastating, life changing events, and it can be so difficult to find support.

I have spent years learning about grief and loss, and working with families through some of their most difficult times. I am certified by the MISS Foundation as a Compassionate Bereavement Care Provider and have trained with the wonderful Creative Grief Studio. Through Mothering Your Heart I now offer online workshops and 1:1 support for women who have experienced miscarriage, infertility and baby loss.

This is my labour of love, created in honour of all the babies not in our arms.

My own journey through grief began with the loss of my two precious babies in pregnancy. These heartbreaks were followed by years of infertility and an adoption of three beautiful girls. My husband and I were over the moon to finally become parents after a decade of trying to create a family, but our adoption fell apart shortly before it was finalized. The breakdown of our adoption ended our last chance at parenthood and nearly a year of being called by that blissful word “mommy”.

I could never have imagined the intensity of the grief that followed. If you have read this far you likely know it well. I have learned that while the breaking open is painful beyond description we can still approach our hearts and our process with openness and deep compassion. In the end, grief is another form of love. It has taken many years to find a personal peace within this truth, and although it doesn't erase the pain, it keeps me present and reminds me of what matters.

The love in our hearts is wise beyond words – when we are able to open to it, it can show us what we need, how to keep going, how to keep breathing.

You are welcome in this space, just as you are.
Engage however is most comfortable, in your own way, your own time.