If your heart is hurting after miscarriage, infertility loss or the loss of your baby or child, our online programs offer support and community in the comfort of your home.

You will find a place here to spend time with your heart and support to keep going, as you figure out your own unique way of grieving, loving and living after loss.

Join anytime and stay as long as you like.


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What are these programs about? 

It can be very hard to find the support that you need when you have experienced infertility, baby or child loss.

The heartbreak, grief and pain of these devastating losses requires understanding and compassion, but it is common to find yourself feeling deeply alone.

Not only are you missing your loved and dreamed-about child or children, but you may also may find yourself struggling to explain to others what you are going through, when you don't really understand it all yourself.

You may feel that your emotional needs are unacknowledged or not taken seriously enough.

Why do so few people seem to understand?

Perhaps because these 'situations' are not fixable, our fix-it society feels more comfortable leaving the broken pieces out in a place where they do not have to be openly acknowledged.

It can be so very lonely in that place.

The isolation and misunderstanding can be overwhelming, with messages from loved ones wanting you to be all better being delivered in ripples that can feel like a tsunami to your wounded heart.

So many intense emotions, feelings of longing and love and sorrow, the not-quite-belonging and who-am-I-now.

You may struggle with the pressure of all the expectations, it seems there are so many ways of saying or implying "shouldn't you have moved on by now..."

And at the centre of it all, your grief.

Wave after never ending wave, you may wonder how you can possibly keep going.

Mothering Your Heart offers a compassionate space to feel supported as you begin to figure out your life after loss and what you might need to keep going.

Acknowledgement, validation, belonging, presence, acceptance and love can make a difference to the experience of living after these unbearable losses.

Having a place to speak your truth, to unravel your story, to be supported in a space where you can feel free to simply be with your pain, your grief and your love, to figure out who you are now and what might come next, all of these things might sound so basic and yet they can deeply impact your experience and affect how you make it through your days, your moment-by-moment rebuilding, your next breath.

So the aim of these programs is to offer one version of this kind of space.

You will find a place here to begin to be with both your love and your grief, wherever you are with it all.

You can choose to work through your own version of how to keep going moment-by-moment, to slow down in a way that supports you to hear and feel what the wisdom inside you has to share, because it is there, and it has a lot to say. 

What are the program topics?

Below you will find four program options to choose from.

You will receive similar content through whichever program you join but each community is made up of different members. On signing up you also have the option of participating in a group where members do or do not have living children.

To learn more, please choose whichever program topic feels most appropriate for your circumstances:

Losses Related to Infertility

Early Pregnancy Loss + Miscarriage

Late Pregnancy, During/After Birth

Infant or Child Loss Program
I'm Shannon Norberg and I am honoured to be your host and facilitator for the Mothering Your Heart programs, while acknowledging the love and the pain that have brought you here.
If you would like to learn more about my training and background please visit the About page or the FAQ page if you have questions, or send me a note anytime: [email protected]