If you have experienced miscarriage, infertility or the loss of your baby or child, the Mothering Your Heart programs offer support and community in the comfort of your home.

Receive encouragement to spend time with your heart, to find out what you need to get through and how to keep going.

Join anytime and stay as long as you like.

What are these programs about? 

It can be so hard to find compassionate support when you are coping with these intensely painful, personal losses.  Others often don't understand the depth of what you are going through, and you can end up feeling isolated and alone.

Because it is all so overwhelming, in addition to the isolation you may find yourself unable to explain to others what you are feeling or what you need from them when they do ask. Truly, you may have no idea what you need or what could possibly help anyway.

This is all such hard, exhausting work that you are doing.

The people you usually turn to for support may not really know how to talk about this kind of devastating loss, and the advice or words of support that they offer may not feel helpful, especially if they haven't gone through anything similar.

You may wish that people understood without having to explain it to them. It can feel impossible and unfair to have to educate others and advocate for yourself while you are in the middle of simply trying to cope.

You may long to be heard as you try to understand all the emotions, all the feelings of longing, love and sorrow, confusion, and even sometimes joy or hope - they change so often and you may feel you can't keep up.

You may struggle with the pressure of all the subtle and not so subtle expectations, of having to function out there in the world, when even taking a shower can feel like too much.

And then at the centre of it all is your grief, your love, your loss, your broken heart, your trying-to-figure-out-what-has happened and how-to-make-things-better even when you know: Everything Has Changed.

You may wonder how you are supposed to do this and what people do get through, and why is there no road map. 

Your world may have shifted from one where everywhere you turned you could find more information than you could ever use - about fertility, pregnancy, babies or parenthood - to one where it might feel like google and everyone you know has suddenly gone silent.

The Mothering Your Heart programs provide compassionate, professional support and resources for life after loss.

Join the community or keep your journey private, whatever feels better for you, this is a space where you can just be yourself as you figure out your way through, and feel supported without having to explain anything.

Acknowledgement, acceptance and love can make a difference in how you get through your days.

The MYH programs provide space to explore your truth, to unravel your story, to simply be with your experience, your grief and your love, to figure out who you are now and what might come next.

All of these things might sound so basic and yet they can deeply impact your ability to cope with your days, your rebuilding, your next breath.

In this space you can choose to work through your own version of what happens now, at your own pace, to slow down in a way that supports you to feel and hear what the wisdom inside you has to share.

You may have already begun to access this wisdom, this inner voice, you may have heard its whisper as it begins to shine its light and guide your way.

This voice often becomes louder and more clear as you tune into it, once you have the space and time to focus in and listen.

What programs are available?

Below you will find four options to choose from.

You will see that the program descriptions and content are similar. When you sign up, you will receive an invitation to join the community where members have experienced similar types of losses, as well as the larger Mothering Your Heart community.

In addition, if you are dealing with childlessness after loss you have the option to join a group where members do not have living children, if this is a sensitive topic for you.

To learn more, please choose the program below that feels most appropriate for what you have gone through.

If you have experienced multiple losses you may wish to choose the one that is weighing most on your heart these days.

Infertility or Loss After Infertility Treatments

Miscarriage and Early Pregnancy Losses

Loss in Later Pregnancy, During or After Birth

Infant or Child Death or Other Losses
I'm Shannon and I am honoured to be your host and facilitator for the Mothering Your Heart programs, while acknowledging the tremendous love and pain that have brought you here.
If you would like to learn more about my training and background please visit the About page or the FAQ page if you have questions, or send me a note anytime: [email protected]