This program provides support for anyone who has experienced the death of their child in infancy or childhood.

Is this program for me? 

This program provides support for anyone who has experienced the death of their baby or child in infancy or childhood due to any known or unknown cause.

(Please click the programs page in the menu above for programs supporting the death of a baby later in pregnancy, during or after birth, as well as programs supporting losses in early pregnancy or related to infertility)

This program offers a compassionate space in which to explore what you are going through, how your experience has impacted your life, and what you might need to keep going.

The program is made up of two components - the online monthly workshop space, and the community component where you can discuss the topics and connect with others.

We offer two versions of this program and you can choose which one you prefer to join, one for members without living children and one for members who do have living children.

Each week you will receive self care worksheets, journal prompts and guided activities that support you as you explore how you are doing, what is most helpful (and what is not).

The content has been created to support a private, nurturing, empathetic and no-pressure experience.

You can work through the material whenever you have time, at your own pace. Come back and step away as often as you need to.

Every four weeks we take a break from the material to rest and let everything settle.

There are twelve monthly modules so you can choose to go through the full program for a full year of support, or just check out one or two modules and see how it works for you.

You are always welcome to stay for as long or as short a time as you like.


What does the program cover?

An overview of the unique experiences of infant and child loss, including physical and emotional effects that you might experience and how to access support for yourself (even if it has been years since your loss).  

Support as you begin to figure out how to 'do' this thing called grief, and encouragement as you feel your way through, learning what works for you.

Space to remember and honour your beloved child(ren) and explore how to be present with the sacred space where they reside in your heart.

Weekly exercises, worksheets and prompts to explore your own ways of grieving, your relationships, feelings and emotions, your story and where you are at now, and when you are ready the direction that you might like for your life to take over time.

Encouragement to include self-compassion and mindfulness in your life, and a whole lot of self-care ideas and suggestions.

Explore your own circles of support and learn ways to create and access community after your loss, looking at why some peoples' reactions are not what you may have expected and how to cope with that.

What you might need and how to figure that out in terms of support and connection, and how this might be different from your 'before-loss' life.

Throughout the program you will be supported to gradually identify what is and isn't working for you, creating a toolbox that you that you will continue to add to, to help with the harder days.


How does the community component work?

The community is held within the program site in the form of a moderated discussion space and allows for people to introduce themselves, check in and discuss the program content and how they are doing, with the option of participating anonymously as well if that is your preference. You can change your mind at any time.

To provide a more contained space, the program is not hosted through any social media sites.

There is no need to have a Facebook or other social media account to participate - this can be a welcome break from the potential triggers in our everyday news feeds.

Members may of course choose to continue the connections made within the program space through their social networks.

Participation is always optional, depending on how you are feeling and how much interaction you are up to. You can go through the program without joining in on the discussion and will receive all of the same content.



Scroll down through the list of topics to see what is covered each month. A new topic is introduced every four weeks so with twelve modules available you can stay for the full year of content and support or you can step away at any time.

Create Space

- First Aid for Your Heart

- Creating Space

- Slowing Down

Grief + Love

- Physical Effects of Grief

- Emotional Effects of Grief

- Feeling Out of Sync

Circles of Support

- Taking Stock

- Basic Needs

- Increasing Support

Your Toolbox

- Creating Your Toolbox

- What Helps: Before vs Now

- Carrying It With You

Your Story

- Your Story Part I

- Your Story Part II

- Checking In

Special Days

- Anniversaries

- Triggers

- Holidays


- Honouring

- Remembering

- Spirals of Grief

Coping Over Time

- When the World Won't Stop

- Your Toolbox Part II

- Evolving Grief

Nature + Grief

- Let Nature do the Work

- Branching Out

- Moments of Peace

Letting Light In

- Noticing

- Being Present

- Inviting Light

Integrating Loss

- No Timeline

- Finding Balance

- Gathering

Mothering Your Heart

- A Special Retreat

- Mothering Your Heart

- Closing

What Happens Once I Sign Up?

  • As soon as you sign up you will receive a welcome message by email that confirms your login and account details
  • Once you have logged in to the program site you will see an overview of the program and orientation to the site itself
  • The program site is where you will find your downloadable worksheets, messages, prompts and resources
  • This is also where you will find the community discussion where you can read and post in the different topic areas.
  • Note that the community discussion is completely optional - you will receive the same program content whether participate in the discussion and can change your mind at any time
  • You will receive a new message each week based on the month's topic, with a break after 3 weeks to rest and process
  • An hour a week is often enough, but you can spend as much time here as you like
  • All you need is your phone or computer and any writing or art supplies you might already have
  • The program is ongoing and has a minimal monthly fee - stay for as long as you like and know that you can stop at anytime
  • As a program member you will receive new resources such as seasonal workshops as they are released
  • You always have access to Shannon as you program facilitator and can ask questions either privately or through the community site
  • Click below for Frequently Asked Questions, all the program details and our cancellation policy



Monthly Program

  • All programs cover similar content however the community for each program is specific to the experiences of the members.
  • When you sign up you can choose whether you prefer to join the program with participants who do or do not have living children.
  • If you have any questions please email me anytime at [email protected]
I'm Shannon Norberg and I am honoured to be your host and facilitator for the Mothering Your Heart programs, while acknowledging the love and the pain that have brought you here.
If you would like to learn more about my training and background please visit the About page or the FAQ page if you have questions, or send me a note anytime: [email protected]